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Campagnolo Shamal Ultra 2-Way Fit

January 31, 2010

2010 Shamal Ultra 2-Way Fit

The new version of the Campagnolo Shamal Ultra wheels sadly discontinues the great gold look from previous years, but comes with some improvements. Shamals have been considered great all-rounders, perfect for racing or training, for climbs, flats and descents. They are a medium profile wheelset.

2009 Campagnolo Shamal Ultra in titanium

For this year, Campagnolo managed to make their Shamals even lighter and improved their overall running smoothness.

As with the Bora Ultra Twos, the Shamal Ultras features some bold graphics, that are quite distinctive, as well as the typical Campagnolo rear wheel spokes, which are even more distinctive and quite bold thanks to the G3-spoke pattern.

Thickness of the rims has been reduced. Shamals now come with USB ceramic bearings, which increases smoothness, life time, and reduces weight. The wheel hubs are made out of carbon fiber with aluminum flanges.

This year, the Shamal Ultras are available in only once color: black. Weights for the 2-Way Fit wheels are 615gr for the front and 825gr for the rear, totaling 1440gr for the combined pair. The change in color makes it easy to differentiate the 2010 models from the previous years, when the Shamal Ultras were offered in titanium and gold.

2009 Shamal Ultra

The light alloy rims come from selected extrusions, which are CNC-machined to optimize the mechanical specs. They are welded rims with a ground braking surface. The spaces between the spokes have been lightened by toroidal grinding.

The way that the top bridge of the rim is made doesn’t involve any drilling to fit the nipples. This means that you won’t have to use any rim-tape, further lightening the whole wheelset. This also means that there is greater torsional rigidity and vertical elasticity. The rear rim is drilled asymmetrically, meaning an improved wheel dish and an effective distribution of wheel stresses.

The Shamal Ultras are an all-purpose racing wheel, meaning that it’s as good for the flats as for the climbs. It’s a medium profile rim, between aero and climbing wheels. There are 16 bladed spokes in the front coupled with a 24mm rim depth and 21 bladed spokes in the rear to a 28 mm deep rim. There is less mass at the rims. This means that the Shamal Ultras will accelerate faster. They also have a shallower front rim, which means that they will be more stable in windy conditions.

As mentioned before, Campagnolo grinds away excess material between the spokes. The rim is thinker where the spoke nipples are inserted and thinner elsewhere. These are 2-Way Fit wheels, so you can fit clinchers or tubes quite easily.

The ultra-distinctive Campagnolo patented G3-spoke pattern will set this wheel apart from others. It has two drive-side spokes which align to a single non-drive spoke. This lets the drive-side deliver a greater transmission of torque. The drive-side flange has a bit larger diameter to the left, which helps reduce the effective dish of the wheel and balances out spoke tension, giving a greater durability.

drive-side flange has a larger diameter than the left, which helps reduce the effective dish of the wheel and allows more balanced spoke tension for greater durability.

The Shamal Ultras have a new quick release design and are compatible with 9, 10, and 11-speed Campagnolo drive-trains. US MSRP is around $1,600 to 1,800 USD, but we have them for significantly cheaper. Send me an email at djrange at gmail dot com to find out more.


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