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2010 Velocite Millennium

February 14, 2010

Finished my Velocite Millennium build

I picked up my bike, a Velocite Millennium, on Thursday and saw it getting put together most of this week. I wasn’t satisfied with the Into Race ceramic BB, so I had it replaced with the SRAM Red one. Into Race was designed in Italy and made in Taiwan, though I couldn’t find any information on the brand. Probably just another OEM brand.

The bike has got a titanium/red color scheme going. I couldn’t decide on which handlebar tape to put on Wednesday and finally decided on the Cinelli Bubble Ribbon tape. It matches great with the red logos, the red cables, red accents on the tires and seat, and the red colors of the rim.

The finished Velocite Millennium build

I threw out my back on Tuesday, so I haven’t been able to take it for a test ride. I rode it home, but it was a short ride. I usually stick to the cycling paths because I ride pretty fast and there is always crazy traffic in the form of scooters around in Taipei. Riding on roads doesn’t feel safe, especially in the city. My back’s getting better but it started raining cats and dogs in Taipei. It just stopped for Chinese New Year. I might be able to get a ride in tomorrow, if it’s not too wet.

Front end view, back of the shop all blurry

I ordered a pair of Xpedo Ti R-Force pedals as well as some ultra-low weight bottle cages. It looks like I’ll receive those after CNY, as most businesses are completely closed for a week for the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Close up of the front

Even if we’ve got the ITM Pathom stem and handlebars in stock, the bars themselves are 225g, about 50g heavier than the ones on the bike right now. For now, I’ll keep the bike almost stock the way it is, but my next few bikes will also be SRAM Red (both Velocite bikes, the Magnus as my race bike and the upcoming Geos as my weight weenie bike), it will be easy to switch wheels by simply swapping them out.

Cockpit fview, stem, handlebars and shifters

The ITM Pathom is an interesting option for people with wider hands and for people who want to get an integrated handlebar/stem but don’t like how heavy that combination can get. I have to say that the Pathom bars do look darn good. They feel good too in my hands, though I don’t know how they’d perform. They felt better than the FSA Plasma, though they might not feel as responsive as a stem/handlebar combo while on the road. Still, the stock Velocite Licos bar is 176g, not too shabby.

All in a line

On the horizon is a set of ultra-low weight climbing wheels, which will be heavier than the ones I initially wanted, the Edge 1.25, but they will be a lot more affordable. These rims are used by FFWD. However, they have a clean, clear, carbon fiber-look. I’ve decided to go with the Tune Mag 150 and Mig 40 hubs, even if they are more expensive. The Extralite SX are lighter, but I’ve read that they can get rattly and durability might be an issue. The Tunes are only slightly heavier. I’m looking at wheels that will be 695g+spokes. Then again, I might go with C4’s FH36 and RH 205. They have a combined weight of 241g, which is a tad heavier, but cost oh so much less, at $480 for both.

For now, if I pop in my Velocite SCS saddle, the weight goes down by 130g. With new wheels, it might go down by almost 700g. Next weight-saving measures would involve seat post, stem, and handlebar. Stem, an even lighter saddle, seat post and handlebars could cut down weight by 280g. Costs involved would be about $1,500. A tuned THM Scrapula fork would bring down the weight by 140g. Then, tackling the crank would take off at least 220g. So in total, this would reduce weight by 640g. Add the wheels, and we’d be talking about 1,440g. Total cost: $3,300 without the wheels. With the wheels, it would be $4,200 ($2.92/g).

I also want to optimize the bike, going through the parts and cutting down on some of the weight. Things like skewers, clamps, can be easily replaced by lighter versions. I might also try my hand at tuning some of the SRAM parts, though I’ve never done this before. Ultimately, this is what I’m saving for my weight weenie bike, but I wouldn’t mind getting the Millennium down to about 6kg.

I thought that my bike plans entailed at least a Dura Ace bike and a Super Record bike, but it looks like it will be SRAM for now. The only reason I’d go for Dura Ace for now would be fore Di2 and Super Record has to be fitted onto an Italian beauty.

Millennium Elite SRAM RED
Frame                    Velocite Millennium titanium      1,490
Headset                 FSA Orbit C
Compressor          FSA Carbon
Bottom Bracket   SRAM Red Ceramic BB
Seatpost                 Velocite TLC                                      190
Seatpost clamp     Velocite Anchor                      }           –
Spacers x 4            generic carbon
Fork                       Velocite Zephyr                                  375
Stem                      Velocite FCS                                        132
Handlebars           Velocite LICOS                                   176
Crankset                SRAM Red                                          630
Cassette                 SRAM Red 11-25                                155
Chain                     SRAM Red PC 1090R                        255
Rear derailleur     SRAM Red                                          153
Front derailleur    SRAM Red                                           72
FD clamp               FSA clamp
Shifters                  SRAM Red                                          280
Brakes                    TRP 960 SL                                        249
Wheels                   Velocite MONC50 carbon fiber   1,540
Tubes                     Kenda
Tires                       Vittoria Rubino Pro                          420
Rim tape                High pressure tape
Bar tape                  Cinelli Bubble Ribbon
Saddle                     Prologo Scratch Pro                          240
Cables                     SRAM Red, Jagwire L3
Bottlecages            2 × Pro-Lite
Pedals                     Xpedo R-Force Thrust Ti                 168


Total actual weight                                                          7,335gr


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