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2011 Tour de France Stage 6 Dinan -> Lisieux

July 8, 2011

Tour de France logo

The Tour de France started again last Saturday. This was another good stage and once again, Hushovd has managed to retain the Yellow Jersey. We’ll see how it goes once they hit the mountains, because that’s when things will get even more interesting. .

There is a 5-man breakaway composed of Roux (FDJ), Duque (Cofidis), Malori (Lampre), Hoogerland and Westra (Vacansoleil). They’ve got a 2:24 lead.

At one time, the lead was 11 minutes. There are 67km to go.

Andy Schleck says that there were too many riders on too narrow roads. I actually think that it makes the Tour even more exciting.

I’m back with the Eurosport HD broadcast. It’s a lot nicer than Versus. The Versus broadcast is filled with junk, that’s tailor-made for Americans. I’m not interested in commercials and their sponsor-approved competitions. Also, the information is displayed in an annoying manner in the Versus broadcast. In the ES, you can always see what the gap is. It’s minimal and honestly, I don’t care about the standings of the American riders.

However, the ES broadcast started at 70km to go. That’s a bit short for my taste. I’d rather have at least 150km to go. Once again, I might be stuck with ITV or Versus. Actually, I’d rather watch ITV.

It’s raining slightly. This is a long stage, 226.5km.

At 59.5km, Westra tries to get away, but he’s caught by Malori. The three others are just pedaling along. Hoogerland is getting the lead in the KOM comp today with a total of 4pts. The three others are letting them go. Maybe the pace wasn’t quick enough.

The gap is 35″. The peloton is 1:59 back. There are 53.4km left. At 50km, it’s 2:23. Cancellara is waiting for the team car. It’s for a change of sunglasses or something like that.

At 45km, the gap is 2:55 to the peloton. The chase group is 2:14 behind. Hoogerland is caught by the peloton at 42.1km. At 39.1km, Duque is caught by the peloton. The peloton is stretched out. There are a few riders at the end that might actually split it.

At 33km, the gap is 1:55. It’s started to rain again. Now, there is a chase group with Chavanel off the back of the peloton. It’s 2:45 back from the leaders.

Malori and Westra are climbing the Côte du Billot, a category 4 climb. Westra gets the KOM pt.

Contador changes with Navarro’s bike. The road is wet and he isn’t behind. He’s still in the peloton. At 28.8km, the lead is 1:13. Contador must have made another bike change because at 26.8km, he’s still in the back.

Hoogerland has a puncture. It’s really raining a lot now. The road is wet. At 22.8km, the lead is 56″. At 20km, it’s down to 29″. Malori ditches Westra. Westra waits to be caught by the peloton. The lead came down to 20″ and now it’s back up to 31″ for Malori. Westra is caught.

Voeckler had to stop and another Europcar rider paces him back. He changed his bike. He can see the peloton, so it’s not so bad. However, he’s going to use up a lot of energy. He made it back.

At 15km, the lead is 36″.

Roux (FDJ) tries to break away from the peloton. He manages to get a few seconds. Malori still has 37″ at 10km. Malori was *La lanterne rouge* last year, meaning tha the was the last man in the GC in 2010.

Malori is going pretty fast. There are 8.8km left and he’s got 34″.

At 6.1km, it’s 19″. It looks like he’s getting tired. OLO are doing some pacing. At 5km, the lead is 15″. Leipheimer crashes. He lost control of the rear wheel.

At 4km, it’s 10″. The pace has quickened. At 3km, it’s 6″. HTC have got themselves organized. At 2.7km, Malori is caught. Contador is coming out on the right, trying to make a move. Jelle Vanendert pushes ahead from OLO. Voeckler tries to bridge the gap and make his own move. He is gone. Vanendert manages to hold on. There are 1.8km left. It’s not really a gap. They are caught at 1.3km.

1km to go. Vino is at the front. Gilbert is there. Malemo tries to sprint ahead, but is caught. It’s between Hushovd and Boasson Hagen. Boasson Hagen wins.

Goss gets 2nd. Hushovd gets 3rd. Felliu 4th, Rojas 5th. Vichot is 6th, and Gilbert is 7th.

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